Multiple Directors | 81 min

Monday, August 26 | 4:45 PM | The Cinematheque

Director: Alexandra Gelis
Canada/USA/Colombia, 2018
English | 6.09 min

A garden between Oakland and Berkeley where its inhabitants, marginalized by gentrification, plant fruit trees and flowers to pay homage to their loved ones who died in battles against poverty. The island, lovingly cared for by Brian for the last 25 years, persists as a living legacy of the Black Panthers, who were the first to organize the neighbourhood.

Director: Émilie Martel
Ecuador/Canada, 2018
Spanish with English subtitles | 8.22 min

In the high Andes of Quimsacocha, Ecuador, 30-year-old Bolivar and 73-year-old Isaura fight to protect their Indigneous land and waters from the big Canadian mining companies who seek to mine this land for gold and copper.

Director: Tania Claudia Castillo
Mexico, 2018
Spanish with English subtitles | 13 min

In the middle of the Chihuahuan desert, there is an archipelago of lagoons that hosts the oldest organisms living on our planet. Due to their biological diversity, scientists compare them with the Galapagos Islands. This region is currently under threat.

Director: Valeria Brenes
Costa Rica, 2018
Spanish with English subtitles | 14.33 min

In a futuristic city, an authoritarian regime spreads propaganda that all soil has become infertile. On an assignment for the National Communication Centre, Sam discovers a secret that makes her question everything she knows.

Director: Edén Bastida Kullick
Puerto Rico/Argentina, 2018
Spanish with English subtitles | 2.53 min

A picture-film tells the story of the day that Felix’s family’s bees expelled the US Navy from their land. A story that is kept alive in Vieques, Puerto Rico and serves as an ember for the resistance to the colonial status of the island.

Director: Juan Pablo Pinto Mendoza
Brazil/Canada, 2018
Portuguese with English subtitles | 36 min

#OcupaMinCRJ provides an intimate look into the 111 days during which artists, activists, and cultural workers came together to occupy the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture in Rio de Janeiro, in an act of resistance against the 2016 soft coup in Brazil.