After the Spring
Depois da primavera

Director: Isabel Joffily & Pedro Rossi
Brazil/Syria | 2020 | Arabic & Portuguese with English subtitles | 87 min | Documentary

*Geo-blocked for viewing in Canada only.

View IN-PERSON at The CinemathequeSunday, Aug 29, 7:45pm
View ONLINE (from anywhere in Canada): August 26 – September 5

In 2013, Adel and Hadi Bakkour, two brothers engaged in the fight against the Assad regime, are forced to leave Aleppo in order to flee the horrors of war and the raging repression. They find refuge in Rio de Janeiro, a city in which they try to adapt to a culture totally different from their own. In 2018, five years after their separation from their parents, they find themselves in a totally transformed Brazil where the far right is on the verge of taking power. Like its protagonists, the film, shared between a country at war and a more than fragile democracy, takes us on the paths of exile and struggles for a more just world. – Cinélatino – Rencontres de Toulouse

Together with Adel and Hadi, the young protagonists, our ideas about Syria became more complex and our motivations for making the film also took on other layers. The period of shooting coincided with the most turbulent moment in Brazilian political life since redemocratization. This especially impacted the lives of those we were filming and had chosen Brazil to take refuge in. Thus, throughout this process, our country and its issues were gradually becoming present in the film, as well as the Syrian issues. We could understand together that in this hyper-connected world, Syria and Brazil have much more in common than we could have imagined when we began filming. – Director Isabel Joffily

Os irmãos sírios Adel e Hadi Bakkour vão às ruas do Rio de Janeiro lutar por Democracia no país onde escolheram viver. A história se repete: antes precisaram deixar Aleppo ao protestarem por liberdade. Para trás deixaram sua mãe, Lawahez, e seu pai, Abdo. A família se reencontra seis anos após a separação, em um Brasil em transformação.

ISABEL JOFFILY is the director of the short documentary Retrato de Carmem D. (2015), which has participated in over 15 festivals, such as Visions du Réel, It’s All True, and São Paulo International Short Film Festival, where it won the Curta! Best Film Award. She also directed the short documentary Vidigal Olimpo (2016), for the SporTV channel. She was the producer of the documentary Soldado Estrangeiro (2019) by José Joffily and Pedro Rossi. Depois da primavera is her first feature as director.

PEDRO ROSSI is the producer fo films Ippon (Cavi Borges, 2013) for ESPN, Noites de Reis (Vinicius Reis, 2012) and Não Se Pode Viver Sem Amor (Jorge Durán, 2010). He co-directed with José Joffily the documentary Caminho de Volta (2015), which premiered at the É Tudo Verdade Festival, and the feature documentary Soldado Estrangeiro (2019), that participated in É Tudo Verdade, DocsMX, and Inffinito Film Festival and has just been released in cinemas. He is the director of the documentary series O Som e O Silêncio (13 episodes, 2018) for the Arte 1 channel where he is currently ending a series of four episodes of Rubens Gerchman: Atemporal.