Carmen Henríquez

Carmen Henríquez is a Chilean-born filmmaker and television producer. She is the co-creator of multiple APTN series, including Closer To Home, Native Planet,  Power to the People, and Northen Air Rescue, currently airing on APTN, and director of the award-winning feature documentaries, Searching for Pinochet and Cry of the Andes. 

Carmen, along with business partner Denis Paquette, founded RealWorld Media and Films in 1996, and they have been producing content for big and small screens from their studio in Vancouver, BC ever since.

Carmen is currently working on a new series titled The Conversation. In each one-hour episode, survivors of the toxic drug crisis are joined by their families and friends in a raw and emotive conversation about their life and how they found a pathway to healing. Aided by the participation of acclaimed First Nations actor and public health officer, Dr. Evan Adams THE CONVERSATION delivers much needed insight into this growing health and social crisis. Coming this fall on the TELUS network. 

Sidartha Murjani

Sidartha is a multi-disciplinary artist originally from Bali, Indonesia, born to parents of Indian descent. His artistic journey commenced with a full scholarship to the Vancouver Film School, where his passion for acting was ignited. Sidartha’s performances have earned significant acclaim, including a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the comedy Coffee at Laundromart and the Best Actor award for his role in the drama The Interview.

In 2016, Sidartha founded Timelessstoriesfilms, a production company dedicated to crafting narratives that transcend time. As a writer and director, he has created eight short films, many of which have been selected for Canadian Screen Award Qualifying Film Festivals. His creative vision is rooted in a commitment to producing stories that entertain, educate, and provoke thought.

Currently, Sidartha serves as the Executive Director and Senior Programmer of the Sundar Prize Film Festival and the Director of Feature Programming at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival. He is also returning as a board member to the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival.

As a culturally hybrid individual, Sidartha recognizes the profound impact of visual media, particularly film, as a catalyst for emotional, intellectual, and societal change. He strives to contribute meaningfully to this landscape by creating and collaborating on projects that offer both entertainment and intrinsic value, enriching viewers’ experiences and perspectives.

Pachi Ochoa

Pachi Ochoa, a Venezuelan-born new media designer, is a dedicated community supporter and a recognized community leader. Her unwavering commitment to the Latin American community in Vancouver has earned her the respect and admiration of her peers, validating her significant contributions.

Pachi is an outreach coordinator and cultural promoter working with various non-profit organizations. She volunteers with Latincouver and the Venezuelan Canadian Society of BC. As a board member of the Buses of Hope Spirit Society, she plays a crucial role in raising awareness and assisting with the forced migration of Venezuelans, demonstrating her commitment to humanitarian causes. She also manages a billboard on Instagram @pachinewmedia, promoting entrepreneurs and local artists while informing the Latino community about events.

Pachi’s dedication to her community has not gone unnoticed. She was awarded the Successful Women Canada Awards (2022-2023) and was nominated for the 2023 Latincouver’s Inspirational Latin Awards, inspiring others to make a difference in their communities.

Elvia Pinilla

Originally from Colombia, Elvia has lived in lovely Vancouver for 15 years now. She is an Industrial Engineer who worked in the beginning in logistics and Quality Control as an engineer but then decided that her passion was in marketing. She did a specialization in marketing in Colombia and then an MBA in Australia. She has worked in several industries including, Chemical, Market Research, Banking, Publishing and now in the educational industry in Canada. Since she moved to Vancouver back in 2009, she has always been involved with Latin Community, supporting and promoting the Latin culture. She has been a volunteer for several years supporting organizations like Latincouver, Colombian Association in BC and of course the VLAff, among others. In the past she had been a media supporter with her Facebook channel Elvia y Pachi by interviewing people and exalting their efforts to the Latin community. Recently she has found her alter ego as a comedian and now is part of the collective: “Risa en tu Idioma” performing stand up comedy in Spanish bringing entertainment to the Latin community in Canada. @elviatalks

Patricia de la Maza

Patricia is a highly respected professional in arts administration; she had a prolific career in Television and Politics in Mexico before moving to Canada, where she was in charge of the Cultural and Media Affairs department at the
Consulate General of Mexico in Vancouver for over 12 years. Among many accolades, she was the organizer
behind the cultural section of Mexico Fest, an outdoor festival that took place at Robson Square in pre-pandemic times that would bring together more than 10,000 visitors for a weekend in September to enjoy Mexican arts and culture. She has also worked tirelessly for the inclusion of women in all facets of life and served as VLAFF’s 20th Anniversary Festival Director.

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