Director: Triana Segovia
Netherlands/Mexico | 2021 | English & Spanish with English subtitles | 5 min

*Geo-blocked for viewing in Canada only.

Screens ONLINE before My Name is Baghdad

Through visual portraiture, poetry, and music, Cuerpos (Bodies) tells the story of seven people answering the question: who are you, if your body is your ultimate home? In half a minute each, the individuals present themselves vulnerably and honestly in their own skin.

Triana Segovia is a Mexican-Spanish-Canadian multidisciplinary artist. As a musician, visual artist, and film maker, her work is colourful, folkloric, and in tune with her cultural roots. Triana was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. She is a visual arts teacher and a painter, but she is also a researcher. She has lived in Amazonas (Brazil), Sweden, Canada, and the Netherlands, where she currently resides.