The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet
El perro que no calla

Director: Ana Katz
Argentina | 2021| Spanish with English subtitles | 73 min | Comedy-Drama-SciFi

*Geo-blocked for viewing in Canada only.

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The neighbours are sick of it. Every day, while thirty-something graphic designer Sebastian (Daniel Katz, the filmmaker’s brother) is at work, his sweet, house-bound dog, Rita, howls her cries of loneliness, driving everyone else in his apartment complex just a little bit mad. His attempts at solving the problem by bringing Rita to work with him are met with an “either she goes or you” ultimatum by his boss. As Sebastian suddenly finds himself without an anchor, his life quickly spins into a patchwork of odd jobs and rootlessness. When unexpected global calamities befall the world, Sebastian’s life proves that even a life lived in gentle rebellion against expectations can be a rich one in this fresh, absurdly funny, and deeply affecting film.

Winner of the VPRO Big Screen Award at the 2021 Rotterdam International Film Festival.

This film is enigmatic and yet very digestible, deadpan in its comedy and so insouciant and casual in its form, you might almost think that Katz had written it in five minutes, filmed it in a week. There is real artistry here.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 2021

Sebastián tiene un perro que ladra. Mucho. Los vecinos (Carlos Portaluppi, Susana Varela, Renzo Cozza) lo van a abordar a su casa para pedirle que haga algo con el bicho ya que no toleran (más bien sufren) escucharlo llorar y ladrar todo el tiempo y a todas horas. «La soledad de ese animal es muy angustiante», llora uno de ellos. Sin muchas opciones ya que vive solo y no puede pagar un cuidador, Sebastián –que trabaja como diseñador gráfico en una empresa– no tiene más remedio que llevárselo a su oficina algunos días. Pero, previsiblemente, allí su «comprensiva» jefa (Valeria Lois) pronto verá que es imposible convivir con el can y que no le queda otra que pedirle al chico la renuncia.

ANA KATZ (b. 1975, Buenos Aires) is an actor, screenwriter, director, and film and theatre producer. She has directed numerous award-winning films including: Musical Chairs (El juego de la silla, 2002), A Stray Girlfriend (Una novia errante, 2007), The Marziano’s Family (Los Marziano, 2011), My Friend from the Park (Mi amiga del parque, 2015), Al borde (2016, TV Movie), Sueño Florianópolis (2018), and El perro que no calla (The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet, 2021).