The Best Families
Las mejores familias

Director: Javier Fuentes-León
Peru/Colombia | 2020 | Spanish with English subtitles | 99 min | Comedy-Drama

*Geo-blocked for viewing in Canada only.

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Luzmila and Peta are two sisters who work as housekeepers for Alicia and Carmen, two aristocratic sisters who live side-by-side in a fancy neighbourhood in Lima. They are almost considered a part of the family or, at least, that’s what it seems… But one day, as the city is taken over by violent street protests, a birthday celebration gathers all the members of both families together and a long-held secret explodes. A darkly comedic tale of class dysfunction that is as cleverly revealing as it is entertaining.

“We wanted to make a film that would be a mirror in which to reflect what separates us, but also what unifies us. And what better tool than humor to invite us to face our social faults.” – Javier Fuentes-León

Luzmila y Peta son dos hermanas que provienen de un ambiente modesto y trabajan como empleadas domésticas para Alicia y Carmen, dos damas aristocráticas del Perú. Casi se les considera parte de las familias o, al menos, eso es lo que parece … Pero un día, cuando la ciudad se ve invadida por violentas protestas, una celebración de cumpleaños reúne a todos los miembros de ambas familias. Un secreto de larga data que involucra a ambos hogares, arriba y abajo, se revela repentinamente, haciendo estallar la burbuja de su perfecto mundo aristocrático para siempre.

JAVIER FUENTES-LEÓN – After training as a medical doctor in Peru, Javier Fuentes-León moved to the US to study film at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Los Angeles. His film Rooms (1997) won the Peruvian National Award for Short Films. His first feature, Contracorriente (Undertow) premiered at the San Sebastián Film Festival in 2009 and won over 50 international awards, including the Audience Award at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and the Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award at OutFest LA. It was Peru’s submission to the 2011 Academy Awards. His second feature, the psychological noir thriller The Vanished Elephant premiered at TIFF in 2014. Fuentes-León is a cowriter and the lead director of the first season of Netflix’s original series Distrito Salvaje (Wild District), shot entirely in Colombia in 2018. Las mejores familias is his third feature film.