19th Vancouver Latin American Film Festival
August 26 – September 5, 2021

The Vancouver Latin American Film Festival is thrilled to announce our 2021 Youth Jury. This group of 21 young filmmakers and artistic creators based in BC and Latin America will receive mentorship, attend a deliberation session, and present the Youth Choice Award for Best New Director at the Closing Ceremony on September 5th (either in-person or virtually).

Please make sure to join the dialogues with the Youth Jury and the filmmakers in the New Directors Competition, live-streamed throughout the festival via the VLAFF Facebook page. To learn a bit more about our Youth Jury members, don’t miss their bios:

Karla Salazar
Karla Salazar is a queer Mexican filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. She is attending Simon Fraser University as a Film production major and is the current Multimedia Editor of The Peak Publications Society. As a lover of stories, Karla is pursuing a career in scriptwriting and editing.

Rosa Carranza
Rosa Carranza is an awarded writer-director from Mexico. Most recently, she wrote and directed the horror short ‘Olive’s Apartment is Haunted’, which has been selected at the Macabro Film Festival. Currently studying ‘Writing for Film’ at Vancouver Film School, her main goal is to delve into and create Latin-American cinema.

Coral Santana
Coral is an Afro-Latina storyteller, producer, and activist born in the Dominican Republic. She is the host and producer of DIVERSITY READS, a podcast book club that highlights fiction and poetry by diverse authors.

Coral holds a BA in Film Studies with a minor in Creative Writing from UBC.

Diego Palomino Zea
Audiovisual Producer and Cultural Manager. He collaborates in the Alternative Exhibition room from El galpon.transcinema and is a jury for the León Film Festival (Pre-Selection). He has directed 5 short films with presence in various festivals. He is interested in the development of non-fiction film proposals with a social-political content based on the intimate story.

Micaela Valdivia Medina 
Visual artist, activist and feminist. Woman and student of the Professional Photography Degree at the “Centro de la Imagen” of Perú and of the School of Political Science of the Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University. In metamorphosis and constant action with the social movements, creation and community.

Ximena Ramírez García
Director and video editor in training. Currently, she’s studying cinema and audiovisuals at the Universidad del Magdalena, Colombia.
She is interested in recreating stories with a high social and multicultural sense, at the moment she is dedicated to video editing on request and as an assistant in a scriptwriting studio.

Robert Ríos
Robert Ríos is a 23-year-old filmmaker born in Ecuador. He is finishing his career in Filmmaking and Acting at INCINE. He has focused on writing and directing scripts for fiction short films that investigate interpersonal, loving, complex and intimate relationships. He believes that art heals souls, or at least helps us to feel less alone.

Arelí Yánez Sánchez
Ecuadorian; Film and Television Production last semester student, Art director of the short film « Elena », Producer of Mini documentary « AM », Winner of the Second place on the tale contest « Disgreciones », with the story « Tras la puerta », Digital and Traditional artist.Tania Galvis
Tania Galvis is a Colombian illustrator and visual artist born in Bucaramanga. She is currently in her junior year of film school at the Universidad del Magdalena, working on her first animation short film. Her main interests aside from animation are film theory and analysis.

Elvis Caj
Elvis Caj is a Guatemalan Film Director who has studied Cinema in Guatemala and México. As a director, his projects have won important international awards in countries such as Norway, México, the United States, Chile and Panamá. He was selected to be part of the TALENTS program of the Guadalajara International Film Festival. His most recent project “Liremu Barana” was officially an Oscar contender for an Oscar nomination in 2021. This year, Netflix and Ambulante selected him to be part of the MIRADAS program.

César Cienfuegos
Peruvian and Brazilian filmmaker, documentarist, screenwriter and distributor. Licensed in Communication Sciences at Universidad de Lima, he developed studies in Documentary Film Creation at EICTV and Experiential Cinema at Escuela de Cine Amazónico. He also is co-founder of Bishu Cine a cultural film association actually working in collaboration with six Amazonian ethnics. His most recognized work is Reminiscence:

Luis Pont
Passionate about filmmaking, film criticism, and production design; He has participated in artistic programs, short films, documentaries and exhibitions. He is about to finish his studies in Communication and Audiovisual Arts. His focus is on social criticism and cultural diversity, working it by hand through scale models, photography and video-art.

Belén Ríos
Belén is a fourth-year psychology student at the University of British Columbia. Her interest in poetry and scriptwriting led her to pursue a minor in Creative Writing. Her work tackles the unique complex experience of being human. Born and raised in Lima, Peru. She is currently based in Vancouver, BC.

Erin Lum
Erin Lum is a dancer, writer, and filmmaker. Her instinctual love for movement has allowed her to explore the ways creative practices intertwine. With Corinne Langmuir, she directed, produced, choreographed, and danced in the F-O-R-M commissioned short film, Zì Jǐ (2020). Erin is currently studying at Simon Fraser University.

Corinne Langmuir
Corinne is a video editor, multimedia creator, and writer. In 2020, they directed, produced, and edited an introspective dance short titled Zì Jǐ with their collaborator Erin Lum. Corinne is continuing their studies at the University of Toronto. They aim to challenge the barriers of subconscious narratives through multimedia grounds.

Adolfo Bermúdez
Adolfo Bermúdez is a Mexican student at Langara, taking on a Creative Writing degree. He has made a few short films and has an interest in poetry, photography, and a passion for storytelling and cinema. He spent most of the last year working his way through the catalogue of the Criterion Collection. His current favourite film is Female Trouble.

Gabriel Souza Nunes
Gabriel Souza Nunes is a Brazillian Director, Writer & Producer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (2017) and graduated with honors from Vancouver Film School (2019). Gabriel believes in the power of mixing technology, emotions, and memories as a meaningful form of human expression, navigating through sci-fi, horror, drama, and improv, always adding a surrealistic twist to his work.

Christian Díaz Durán
Christian (he/him) is a photographer, video editor, writer, and content producer from Ecuador. He has worked at VLAFF, VIFF, Cannes, and aside from his BA in Film Studies, he is completing the Film Futura program, an alternative satellite film school taking a decolonizing approach to film practice and history.

Vicente Villarroel
Vicente was born in Argentina to a Chilean family and has lived in Colombia for over a decade. Since 2019 he’s been studying film at Simon Fraser University and has a profound interest in documentary filmmaking and Latin American stories.

Adrián Hernández
Adrian Hernandez is a 19-year-old student who was born in Veracruz, Mexico. He lived in La Paz Baja California Sur as well for many years before going back to Veracruz. He loves music and has been playing the drums for 11 years while his love for film comes in when he was in high school and started to watch more movies because he’s really interested in the art of acting and wanted to learn as much as possible.

Marco A. Cervantes
Marco is a film producer, journalist and photographer. Graduated from the Autonomous University of Querétaro in audiovisual communication and an expert in Mexican cinematography. Member of the film critic workshop of the Guanajuato International Film Festival 2019. He has written of film festivals: Doqumenta, Ambulante and the Hay Festival Querétaro.