Petite fleur

Friday, Sept 8 at 8:30 PM
The Cinematheque

Sunday, Sept 17 at 3:30 PM
The Cinematheque

Sept 17 screening preceded by the short film Chiles Rellenos by Natalia Urquiza García.

Director: Santiago Mitre
Argentina/France | 2022 | French and Spanish with English subtitles | 98 min | Comedy

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From the Oscar-nominated director Santiago Mitre (Argentina, 1985) comes a sophisticated, twisted, and surreal comedy adapted from the novel Pequeña Flor by the Argentine writer Iosi Havilio.

José (the inimitable Daniel Hendler) is a jobless young father who inexplicably kills his neighbour after listening to the jazz standard “Petite Fleur” during a visit at his home. But the next day, José discovers that his neighbour is alive, as if nothing ever happened. José feels the urge to kill him again, but the neighbour keeps reappearing. Murdering his neighbour becomes part of José’s new routine, along with taking care of the baby, fixing the house, and trying to save his relationship.

An exhilarating black comedy about the routine of co-existence. “A story of life and death, and the order is of little consequence”… A sinuous film that moves to the rhythm of jazz, walks comfortably between genres, and develops between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Miguel A. Reina