Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter
Três tigres tristes

Sunday, Sept 10 at 8:15 PM
The Cinematheque

Director: Gustavo Vinagre
Brazil | 2022 | Portuguese with English subtitles | 83 min | Experimental Fiction

Sliding Scale Tickets:
$13 / $15 / $18 / $21

Content Warning: Explicit sexual content.

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Set in an alternate-reality São Paulo in the midst of an amnesia-causing virus, Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter revolves around a trio of young queer friends exploring the vibrant underside of the chaotic metropolis. As the three wander the city, they swap stories about old lovers and HIV, get make-up tutorials, and encounter fleeting romances. Vinagre’s film is a playful allegory about the government’s political failure but also about how those on the margins of society have found a way to survive their dystopian surroundings.

A hairless guinea pig in drag. An adult baby dispensing cash from his diapers. A drug-dealing cabaret singer hosting an otherworldly salon. These are just a few of the colorful characters we meet in Gustavo Vinagre’s bold, whimsical new film, which took home the coveted Teddy Award at the 2022 Berlin International Film Festival.

—Frameline Film Festival