Selected from over 150 submissions, 15 finalist shorts by filmmakers from across Latin America will compete for the Best Short Film award. Realities, transformations, explorations; the shorts in this section range from stop motion and animation to experimental films and documentaries. In them, we come across multiple journeys, encounter vibrant characters and expand our understanding of what it means to be a mother, an elder, a lover, a son, a magician, a queer person, a poet, a grandchild and a sister in Latin America.

What makes us similar and what makes us different? Here are some meeting points we catch a glimpse of in the intimacy of the characters’ memories, struggles and aspirations. Through the exquisite formal experimentation of refreshing filmmakers, also, our brains and senses get scratched, our darkness, desires and emotions tapped into. Sink in the illusion of the butterfly, follow the corroded paint on the wall.

Curated by Ana Tonso & Dani Rodríguez Chevalier


Tuesday, Sept 12 at 4:00 PM

Running time: 78 min

El Torito, a freedom dance (Mexico) 

When the night comes (Cuba) 

Esto, que llevo dentro (Colombia) 

Recuérdame fluir (Guatemala) 

Eclipsis (Mexico)  

Gloria (Colombia)  

All my scars vanish in the wind (Colombia)  

The bathroom is where moths die (Chile)


Thursday, Sept 14 at 4:00 PM

Running time: 84 min

The Last Piece – Essay 1 (Peru) 

Madre Nuestra (Cuba) 

Who’s he? (Peru)  

La mutuante (Argentina) 

That Camera of Yours (Colombia)   

Maura Alejandro (Ecuador) 

The Last Magic Trick (Mexico)