Latin-Canadian Film Contest

In January 2022, to launch the celebrations of our 20th Anniversary, VLAFF opened a new competitive section to highlight and bring together the great talent of Latin-Canadian filmmakers from all across the world.


I Remember Everything

I Remember Everything

Dir. Gabriel Souza Nunes
Vancouver/Brazil, 2022 | 5 min
Portuguese with English subtitles

A film essay about the nostalgia for one’s birth home that pulses within the life of an immigrant.

Screens before The Joy of Things


Whose Boards Are These?

Whose Boards Are These?

De qui sont ces tableaux?

Dir. Camilo Martín-Flórez
Montreal/Colombia, 2021 | 7 min
French & Spanish with English subtitles

An audiovisual comic made with found-footage from 1896 and 1920. This is a film that employs the formal principles of a comic book to underline the naïve, joyful, and ludic content of film. WHOSE BOARDS ARE THESE? tells the story of an idealist filmmaker who dreams of a utopic history of cinema, but he ends up trapped in an eternal beginning, in a vicious cycle, with a belligerent ending.

Screens before Petit Mal