Nudo Mixteco
T+ kanu sa’a sau

Director: Ángeles Cruz
Mexico | 2021 | Mixtec & Spanish with English subtitles | 91 min

*in-person screening at VIFF Centre’s Studio Theatre

In honour of National Indigenous History Month, we are very excited to continue our 20 x 20 : 20 years, 20 films with a special presentation of Nudo mixteco by Ángeles Cruz. Thanks for celebrating our first 20 years of Latin Cinema in Vancouver with us!

Join us for our very first screening at VIFF Centre’s new Studio Theatre, located at 1181 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC.

You are also invited to a live dialogue with film director and festival friend, Ángeles Cruz and one of our Indigenous Programs Co-Curators, Masa’n Xikolhik Selene Galindo, as well as VLAFF’s Valentina Acevedo Montilla on Monday, June 27th at 11:00 am PT via VLAFF‘s FACEBOOK LIVE

View IN-PERSON at the VIFF CentreWednesday, June 29, 7:00pm

In a compelling and carefully crafted narrative, three women’s stories intertwine during the celebration of San Mateo in a Mixtec village in Oaxaca. María returns home to bury her mother and face her father’s ongoing rejection. An unpleasant reunion awaits Chabela when her husband, Esteban, returns from the US after an absence of three years; Toña relives her own childhood pain when she suspects her daughter is in danger of the same fate she suffered. Self-reliant and defiant, all three women face confrontations that lead to a powerful turning point in their lives.

”A woman-centred drama directed by the splendid actress-turned-filmmaker Ángeles Cruz. Three women who live in Mixtec lands intertwine their complicated lives in a script -written by the director herself- that works as a clockwork mechanism, dislocating times and spaces, but uniting the three women in the same search: freedom”, Ernesto Díezmartinez.

Nudo Mixteco narra tres historias cruzadas en la fiesta patronal de San Mateo, pueblo de la mixteca oaxaqueña. Esteban, un migrante, regresa después de tres años para descubrir que Chabela, su esposa, se juntó con otro hombre. Enfurecido, convoca al pueblo para enjuiciarla en asamblea. María vuelve a enterrar a su madre, su padre la rechaza y, en la incertidumbre y el dolor, le propone a Piedad, su amor lésbico de la infancia, que se vaya con ella. Toña revive su propio dolor ante el abuso sexual del que es víctima su hija y regresa para enfrentarse a su familia para protegerla.

ÁNGELES CRUZ is a Mixtec filmmaker and actress from Villa Guadalupe Victoria in Oaxaca, Mexico. She has written and directed the short films La Tiricia o Cómo Curar La Tristeza (2012), Arcángel (2018), and La Carta (2016). For the first two, she received the Ariel for Best Short Film (in 2013 and 2019 respectively) and has won awards nationally and internationally. Nudo Mixteco is her debut feature film.