Mi no lugar

Monday, Sept 11 at 6:00 PM
The Cinematheque

Director: Isis Ahumada Monroy
Mexico | 2022 | Spanish with English subtitles | 75 min | Documentary | Rated G

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My Non-Place is a journey of uprooting that compels a young boy to find his own way through unfamiliar and hostile places. Jonathan migrates from his Indigenous community in Guerrero to Colima, 800 kilometres away, where his parents are migrant day labourers. They encourage him to stay in middle school and keep studying. However, the barriers of inequality and harsh economic realities may force Jonathan to join the cycle of the sugarcane harvest, and thus travel the landscapes of exploitation

Winner of VLAFF’s First Work in Progress/Cine en construcción forum in 2020.

This story is very much my own, as I portray the life of the town where I grew up, and the reality between the school where I have been a teacher for some years and the world inside the migrant shelters. I know that this story requires urgent attention for my country, because inequality, discrimination, and exploitation strike every corner of Mexico. Even worse, when it is the children who are the most affected. 

I must confess that despite my proximity to this place, I have been the most surprised with the story that I tell in this documentary.

Isis Ahumada Monroy

Isis Ahumada Monroy

Isis Alejandra Ahumada Monroy has lived all her life in the north of Colima state, Mexico, on the hillsides of a volcano. She co-directed Tecuani, hombre jaguar, a short film nominated for the 2018 Ariel Awards of the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences and presented in the Official Selection at Hot Docs. Isis directed Dicen que yo no lo sé (2015), winner of the Best Short at Docs-Zanate. My Non-Place is her debut documentary feature.