Director: Cecilia Araneda
Canada | 2022 | Spanish with English subtitles | 99 min

Starring Carmen Aguirre, the international best-selling author of the book Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter.

Director Cecilia Araneda and star of the film Carmen Aguirre in attendance!

View IN PERSON at VIFF Centre – Vancity Theatre: Wednesday, April 5th, 7PM
Tickets: $13 / $11 (Students, Seniors, Arts Workers)

Poster of Intersection

Chilean refugee Daniela (Carmen Aguirre) came to Canada as a child after her mother was assassinated during Chile’s dictatorship. Her father, Pepe, never wants to speak about Chile, but when her daughter Rocío starts to ask questions, Daniela decides to apply for Chilean citizenship for a first trip back. In doing this, however, Daniela triggers a chain of events that ends up uprooting the very foundation of her life.

Cecilia Araneda
Winnipeg-based Chilean-Canadian filmmaker Cecilia Araneda came to Canada as a child refugee together with her family, after they escaped Chile’s military dictatorship. This experience and its aftermath play a large role in her artistic work. Aesthetically, Araneda’s art practice is strongly rooted in the examination of private and public memory as it connects to identity, consciously working against the idea of the fully controlled image. Most well known for her work in analogue film, Araneda works in experimental, documentary and fiction forms. Araneda has completed 16 short films to date, which have screened at festivals such as Visions du Réel, Ann Arbor, Images Festival, TIFF Wavelengths, RIDM, VLAFF, and many others. Her first feature film, Intersection, was released in fall 2022.

Please visit her website for a full list of her impressive works:

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