Saturday, Sept 9 at 8:15 PM
The Cinematheque

Director: Lina Rodríguez
Canada/Colombia, 2022 | English and Spanish with English subtitles | 118 min | Drama

Preceded by the short film Pacho’s Visual Archive by Blanca Marcela López.

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When Aurora’s husband is killed in suspicious circumstances that are possibly related to her work at an NGO, she flees her home in Colombia. With the help of a Canadian couple, she makes her way to Toronto to start over—but the past is not so easily left behind.

With sensitivity and subtlety, Colombian-Canadian filmmaker Lina Rodríguez (Mis dos vocesThis Time Tomorrow) brings a rare level of nuance to this deeply personal immigrant tale. Sidestepping clichés of nostalgia, trauma, and identity, So Much Tenderness takes a bittersweet look at both the challenges and the possibilities that come with migration. Rodríguez beautifully captures the way displacement permeates daily life, as well as how the fluidity of self allows us to add to who we are rather than to shed who we were.