July 20, 2021

Thanks to feedback we have received, VLAFF has learned a lot and are determined to make improvements. We are taking immediate action to develop the following initiatives: 

1. Review By-Laws: We are moving forward with a full review of the by-laws in August 2021, addressing their weaknesses and fulfilling the necessary changes. These changes will be discussed and voted on at the next VLAFF AGM in Spring 2022. VLAFF members are encouraged to attend.

2. Mission and Values: The mission statement and organizational values will be reviewed to ensure we are aligned with the kind of working environment we wish to have at VLAFF.

3. Anti-Harassment Policy: We will be working on the anti-harassment policy with implementation scheduled from July to September 2021. (completed). Read policy here.

4. Internal Communication: In order to improve our internal communication structures, the Board of Directors have implemented the following:

  • 4a. The Board of Directors signed a Letter of Commitment to acknowledge their responsibilities and expectations. (completed) 
  • 4b. The Board of Directors approved a Code of Conduct to be posted on the VLAFF’s website before the 2021 festival start date. (completed). Read policy here.

5. Performance Review: The Board of Directors is instituting an annual performance review and feedback for board members, the Executive Director and the festival. (December, 2021)

6. Financial Reports: The Board of Directors has established a quarterly financial report and meeting with the management team. (completed)

7. Formal Recognition: The Board of Directors is implementing a policy of acknowledging the contributions of board members, staff and volunteers. (ongoing)

8. Code of Conduct: All VLAFF board members, staff and volunteers will read and sign the Code of Conduct prior to participating in the festival. (ongoing).

9. Equity Training: All VLAFF board members and staff will take a diversity, equity and inclusivity seminar. We have received training on the Fundamentals of Anti-Oppression from Bakau Consulting. Our next training session will be on DEI principles and Conflict Resolution on October 30th. (completed)

10. Team Building and Strategic Planning: The Board of Directors will incorporate a Strategic Planning program for team building and future planning of the organization in 2022. 

11. Recruitment: We are committed to sustain and expand recruitment of diverse candidates. (ongoing)

12. Festival Safety: We are committed to ensuring a fun, caring, and safe experience for all. We have a zero tolerance policy for any sexual misconduct at any VLAFF activities.

13. Accountability: We are improving internal communication and our management structures by taking action in all cases of breaches of respectful workplace conduct. (ongoing)

14. 2021 Festival: We have minimized in-person social activities and taken most of the 2021 festival experience online to honour the commitments we have made with filmmakers, staff, and funders, as well as the expectations of our membership, while we continue our work to improve the festival experience.