Todas mis cicatrices se desvanecen en el viento

Director: Angélica Restrepo & Carlos Velandia
Colombia | 2022 | Spanish with English subtitles | 14 min

Content Warning: Contains offensive language and references to physical abuse

Among intrusive and sought-after memories, a woman hears a disconcerting call from the depths of her being. A cryptic cry for help that becomes intelligible guides her to the original wound, to her inner child, becoming her own protector.

Entre recuerdos intrusivos y memorias buscadas, una mujer atiende un desconcertante llamado desde las profundidades de su ser. Un críptico grito de auxilio que se hace cada vez más inteligible la guía hacia la herida original, hacia su niña interior, a quien dará consuelo para finalmente convertirse en su propia protectora.

Angélica Restrepo & Carlos Velandia

Colombian filmmakers with background in Film Programming and New Media, whose work focuses on feminism, anti-hegemonic representation and expanded animation. Their films have premiered several times at the Annecy International Animation Festival and have won the ZINEBI Grand Award (Oscar-Qualifier) at the International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao and the Silver Lynx Experimental Award at FEST – New Directors | New Films.