Birthday Boy
Vuelta Al Sol

Director: Judith Corro
Panama | 2020| Spanish With English Subtitles | 7 min

*Geo-blocked for viewing in Canada only.

It’s César’s birthday and his parents expect him to wear clothes that make Cesar feel uncomfortable. Now he has to make a decision. Continue to please his family’s expectations or be true to his identity as a trans man.

Es el cumpleaños de César y sus padres esperan que use ropa que haga que César se sienta incómodo. Ahora tiene que tomar una decisión. Seguir complaciendo las expectativas de su familia o ser fiel a su identidad como hombre trans.

Judith Corro

Judith Corro – Panamanian cultural manager, storyteller, communicator and passionate multi-tasker. Graduated in Writing and Psychology from Loyola University New Orleans, with a special interest in scripwriting and gender issues. She currently works as Communications Chief in the NGO sector, and has created several published projects focusing on gender, identity, and community. “Birthday Boy” is her first cinematographic work (and hopefully not her last) as both scriptwriter and director.