Curated by Sarah Shamash 

Friday, Aug 31 | 5 PM | The Cinematheque
(Free admission with VLAFF membership) 
One screening only

Director: Tila Chitunda  
Brazil, 2016 
Portuguese with English subtitles | 25 min 

Amélia is an Angolan war refugee who restarted life in Brazil in 1976. Her home is adorned with an immense mural of photos that document her past and inspires her Brazilian-born daughter to explore their African roots. 


Director: Irmãos Carvalho (Carvalho Brothers) 
Brazil, 2018 
Portuguese with English subtitles | 23 min 
Year 2029. After a coup in Brazil, black children in the favelas are tracked with metal ankle cuffs under the assumption that they will sooner or later turn to crime, but one determined mother has a different plan for her son.  

Director: Yasmin Thayná 
Brazil, 2015 
Portuguese with English subtitles | 22 min 

Hair is an important marker for black female identity. This powerful visual essay is both a form of resistance to the invisibility and oppression of black women in Brazil and an ode to our power and diversity.