The Coca-Cola Case
Caso Coca-Cola

Directors: Carmen García & Germán Gutiérrez
Canada | 2009 | Spanish with English subtitles| 86 min

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Colombia is the trade union murder capital of the world. Since 2002, more than 470 workers’ leaders have been brutally killed, usually by paramilitaries hired by private companies intent on crushing the unions. Among these unscrupulous corporate brands is the poster boy for American business: Coca-Cola.

These unpunished crimes spur U.S. activists David Kovalik, Terry Collingsworth, and Ray Rogers into an ambitious crusade against the soft drink giant. A searing indictment of a major corporate brand, The Coca-Cola Case takes us on a riveting legal game of cat and mouse via the U.S. federal court and the Stop Killer Coke! campaign.

After five years of struggle, will Coca-Cola yield in the end? And on the verge of a settlement, what will the victims choose? Cash or power and integrity?

Colombia es la capital mundial del asesinato sindical. Desde 2002, más de 470 líderes obreros han sido brutalmente asesinados, generalmente por paramilitares contratados por empresas privadas con la intención de aplastar los sindicatos. Entre estas marcas corporativas sin escrúpulos se encuentra el chico del cartel de los negocios estadounidenses: Coca-Cola.

Estos crímenes impunes impulsan a los activistas estadounidenses David Kovalik, Terry Collingsworth y Ray Rogers a emprender una ambiciosa cruzada contra el gigante de las bebidas gaseosas. Una acusación mordaz de una importante marca corporativa, The Coca-Cola Case nos lleva a un fascinante juego legal del gato y el ratón a través de la corte federal de EE. UU. y Stop Killer Coke. Campaña.

Después de cinco años de lucha, ¿al final cederá Coca-Cola? Y a punto de llegar a un acuerdo, ¿qué elegirán las víctimas? efectivo, o poder e integridad?

Carmen García
Grew up in Paris, where she studied humanities and was a member of an amateur theatre group. After arriving in Montreal in 1973, she worked in the field of journalism and publishing while she pursued an education in translation and communications.
Since 1983, Garcia has produced documentary films, working simultaneously as a producer, researcher, and screenwriter; taking on the additional role of film director in 1993.

From 2001-2002, she temporarily switched focus to work as an analyst for Telefilm Canada. However, Garcia returned to the field of film production in 2003, where she has continued to challenge herself ever since.

Germán Gutiérrez
Was born in Bogota, Colombia. He spent several years in Paris where he studied theatre, then moved to Montreal where he has lived and worked for the past twenty years. Following film studies at Algonquin College in Ottawa, he worked as a camera operator on numerous public affairs TV programs for Radio-Canada and documentaries for the National Film Board of Canada, as well as for many privately-owned film companies both in Canada and abroad. He quickly moved from the technical side of filmmaking to directing his own documentaries. He has worked across Canada and around the world, notably in Latin America, as well as in Africa and Asia.