Agua fría
de mar/ Costa Rica, 2010
Director: Paz Fábrega
Spanish with English subtitles | 83 min
Costa Rica Spotlight

Preceded by ABATE
Friday, August 23 | 9:15 PM | Cinematheque

Seven-year-old Karina is staying with her parents and brothers –along with many other families– on the beach by a nature reserve on the Costa Rican coast. In the middle of the night, the precocious Karina wanders off. A young and wealthy Costa Rican couple from the city, Rodrigo and Mariana, who are spending their New Year’s vacation on the coast, find Karina sleeping in the darkness. This encounter unlocks a flood of worries for Mariana, especially when Karina, after telling them a terrible story, disappears the next morning. Considered by many as one of Costa Rica’s top filmmakers, Paz Fábrega’s unsettling feature film debut is necessary viewing for anyone interested in cinema from this region.

Mariana y Rodrigo son una pareja que durante las vacaciones de Año Nuevo deciden ir a la costa del Pacífico para vender una propiedad. De noche y en medio de la nada encuentran a Karina, una niña de siete años que les confiesa que se ha fugado de su casa debido a un difícil problema familiar. La muchacha se queda con ellos esa noche para buscar ayuda al día siguiente. Sin embargo, cuando despiertan por la mañana, la pequeña ha desaparecido.

The film takes the audience on an unusual journey through a nature that interacts with people in a magical way. The superb editing ensures an organic flow of images, whilst the strong directing and disturbing atmosphere create tension. – Tiger Competition Jury, IFFR

Tiger Award for Best First Film, Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2010

Filmography: Viaje (2015)