VLAFF is pleased to host as a Guest Festival, FICWALLMAPU, the International Festival of Indigenous Cinema and Arts 

FICWALLMAPU, the International Festival of Indigenous Cinema and Arts in Wallmapu, is an Indigenous communication process settled in the territory of the Mapuche People. It will hold its seventh edition in January 2022. The festival offers permanent artistic and cultural programming along with generating training, dissemination and mediation activities around Indigenous and Afro-descendant creations, rooted in advancing towards self-representation and own narratives. Through exhibitions of itinerant Indigenous cinema, workshops, art exhibitions and other initiatives, the festival promotes ties with different communities and territories. www.ficwallmapu.cl

Program running time: 68 min

Available for viewing ONLINE across Canada from August 26 – September 5.

Tickets on a sliding scale from $0 – $20.

Wüfko Dir. Paula Baeza Pailamilla (Mapuche/Chile)

Dir: Paula Baeza Pailamilla
Territory & Nation: Mapuche
4 min

Drifting through the forest we find Wüfko, a natural well of crystalline water, a place of abundant humidity and greenery. An ancient and thick triwe takes root on its shore. This is where Gabriela’s dream originates, revealing her deep connection with the territory.

Meli Dir. Ayelén Lonconao Vargas (Mapuche/Chile)

Dir: Ayelén Lonconao Vargas
Territory: Wallmapu
Nation: Mapuche
Language: Mapuzungun
20 min

Melisa is a Mapuche woman who at a young age emigrated with her family from her lof mapu to the city in search of better living conditions. As an adult, and about to finish her university studies, she begins to experience inexplicable dreams and situations. She has received an ancient call.

Kuychi Pucha Dir. Segundo Fuérez Quilumbaquín (Otavalo/Ecuador)

Dir: Segundo Fuérez Quilumbaquín
Nation: Otavalo
10 min

A girl meets the spirit of her deceased mother. Kuychi Pucha is a passage between life and death through a rainbow, it is a ritual of life and death.

Kiñe Rupa Dir. Pewvley taiñ rakizuam (Mapuche/Chile)

Dir: Pewvley taiñ rakizuam
Territory & Nation: Mapuche
16 min

Segundito and his grandmother Paskuala share their days away from the city between the Wallmapu valleys. There is always something to do there, sometimes toasting wheat, making bread, chopping firewood, but that is not synonymous with boredom. On the contrary, amid laughter and crazy songs, Segundo will discover the most amazing Mapuche stories. 

Ecos del volcán Dir. Saul Kak & Charles Fairbanks (Zoque/Mexico)

Dir: Saúl Kak & Charles Fairbanks
Nation & Territory: Zoque
18 min

In 1982, the eruption of the Chichonal volcano forced the Zoque community to relocate. Filmed over the course of six years, this film captures the atmosphere and political issues that come to the surface. The cultural richness of the communities and the neoliberal pressure on Indigenous peoples are explored.