Argentina/Spain, 2018
Director: Eugenio Canevari

Spanish and Catalan with English subtitles | 88 min
New Directors

Friday, August 23 | 5 PM | Cinematheque
Sunday, August 25| 1 PM | Cinematheque

Stella, an undocumented Argentine immigrant living in Spain, suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease) and needs constant attention. Paco, her long-time partner, helps her to move, eat, and communicate. Valeria, Stella’s daughter, visits them sporadically and, anguished by her mother’s visible deterioration, uses partying as an escape. While the three of them wait for an answer about the chance of subsidised housing, they try to cope with their situation through humour and love. A real family performing in a real story.

Stella, una inmigrante argentina que vive indocumentada en España, sufre esclerosis lateral amiotrófica (ELA) y necesita atención constante. Paco, su compañero desde hace mucho tiempo, la ayuda a moverse, comer y comunicarse. Valeria, la hija de Stella, los visita esporádicamente y, angustiada por el visible deterioro de su madre, encuentra una vía de escape saliendo de fiesta. Mientras esperan una respuesta sobre un piso de protección oficial, tratan de lidiar con la situación a través del humor y el amor. Una familia real interpretando una historia real.

A docu-fiction hybrid about an ailing senior and the boyfriend and daughter who take turns as her caretaker, this black-and-white study of human endurance, communication and compassion manages to be both austere and moving… a heartfelt and tender tribute to personal dignity maintained in highly trying circumstances. —Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter

Filmography: Paula (2016), Gorilla Baila (2013)