Mexico, 2018
Director: Bani Khoshnoudi

Spanish, English and Farsi with English subtitles | 93 min
New Directors

Thursday, August 29 | 9:15 PM | Cinematheque
Saturday, August 31 | 1 PM | Cinematheque

Ramin, an Iranian immigrant in Veracruz, Mexico, carries his past on his back: literally, in the form of welts. A Skype conversation reveals that he has left his boyfriend behind in Turkey. Early on in this drama, Ramin tries to return to Europe, but the high cost stops him. Or is it something else? Ramin single-mindedly steers his own course, even though he could easily join forces with another fellow immigrant, or a woman with a broken heart just like his. Fireflies deals not only with immigration, but also with issues of commitment—two not entirely unrelated issues. Is Ramin’s restless nature the result of the homophobic culture he grew up in? Director Bani Khoshnoudi leaves a lot for her audience to chew on afterwards. —Rotterdam

Luego de escapar de la persecución en su país, Ramin, un joven gay iraní llega a México cuando el barco mercante que tomó en Turquía desembarca en Veracruz. Apartado de todo lo que representaba su mundo, vive en el limbo del exilio, donde su nostalgia y su melancolía se ven confrontadas con nuevas amistades y amores. Poco a poco va redescubriendo sus propios deseos. —FICM

Slow-moving, watchful and structured with great care and attention, Iranian-born, U.S.-raised Bani Khoshnoudi’s understated film, as metaphorical in its way as her 2012 feature debut “Ziba”, is built on the concern the script feels for its characters. —Jonathan Holland, Hollywood Reporter 

Best Ibero-American Film, Miami International Film Festival, 2019

Filmography: Ziba (2012), A People in the Shadows (2008)