A Photographic Exhibition Presenting the Works of

Iris Chia, Hubert Barton and Juan Contreras

Slide Exhibition – Running Before Festival Screenings

August 23 – September 1

Curated by Sonia Medel

Flux brings together diverse Vancouver-based artists and their selected works to prompt reflection around experiences and perspectives of (well/ill)being and (un)belonging, exploring-questioning what is (ab)normality and resilience.


The images in this exhibition are from a project named “Beneath the room noise” that attempts to portray the sturdy and abominable face of depression. – Iris Chia

Iris Chia is a Peruvian-Chinese portrait photographer residing in Vancouver. It’s been over five years since her journey as a ‘people’s photographer’ started. Chia still believes in the beauty of the human being and the communication within the world and them. She hopes to create evocative images that capture the intangible, across mediums—commercial, domestic, creative, fashion; along with the paraphernalia of cultures, daily life, mother nature, and urban living. Her work responds directly to her love for sensitivity and delicacy, the fairytailish and whimsical, nostalgia and playfulness, old-school forms, pastels, and highly saturated colours and textures. @irischiaphotographer


I grew up in a small village surrounded by mountains and water. When I moved away from home I exchanged mountains and starry nights for the city sky lines and bright city lights. The photos in this exhibition capture how the mountains and stars may have changed, but the connection to the water remains the same. – Hubert Barton

Hubert Barton is a member of the Nisga’a Nation from the community of Gingolx, British Columbia. He is a digital photographer who enjoys long exposure night photography and he has recently begun exploring 35mm films. His main focus is land/cityscapes and he feels most at home beside the water. Barton recently had some of his photos published in the Indigenous Peoples Community Land Use Planning handbook. This spring he completed a Master of Divinity in the Indigneous Studies Program at the Vancouver School of Theology, where he is currently the Teaching House Coordinator. @hubert_barton


The photographs in this exhibition are from my work throughout 2018 and 2019 with New Works. They depict scenarios of live performances created by local Indigenous and first/second generation immigrant artists, who explore themes of identity, belonging and resilience through movement and expressions in unreplicable ephemeral experiences. – Juan Contreras
Flow(er) 蓅, Dong Mei Dance & Sammy Chien (Chimerik似不像), September 27, 2018, Waterfront Theatre, Vancouver.
Med’Cine, Olivia C. Davies, November 15-16, 2019, the ANNEX, Vancouver.
Spine of the Mother, Raven Spirit Dance, April 21, Presentation House Theatre, North Vancouver.
Immigrant Lessons 101, Immigrant Lessons, October 21, 2018, The Roundhouse, Vancouver.

Juan Contreras is a Colombian-Canadian fine arts photographer and oil painter based in Vancouver, BC. Contreras’ first career is as an engineer, and late in 2008 he decided to pursue his passion for the fine art world. He started formal studies at Emily Carr University and extended his art vision through enrolment in the photography program at Langara College. Although an artist at heart, Juan divides his time between art and technology. Contreras produces thoughtful, provocative and ambitious high-quality images embracing everyday scenes, street photography, and cityscapes; and has specialized his artistic narrative on onsite live performance dance in low light conditions.