Heredera del viento

Nicaragua, 2017
Spanish with English subtitles | 88 min 
Director: Gloria Carrión Fonseca

Wednesday, August 29th
5pm @ The Cinematheque

In 1979 Nicaragua, a dictatorship that lasted decades has been overthrown and the revolutionary Sandinistas have taken over. As far as young Gloria is concerned, they are superheroes—particularly as her parents are on the front line of the coup and subsequent civil war. But the revolution takes its toll—her parents’ dedication to the cause means they have little time for their children. Years later, their adult daughter turns to the camera as she touches on painful subjects relating to her parents. This results in candid, searing discussions about torture, tragic deaths, doubt, disillusionment and parenting, which always took second place to the greater good. Extensive use of archive footage also presents us with a clear historical impression of a changing Nicaragua.. -IDFA

What does individual suffering matter in face of the suffering of an entire country? This is the question implicit throughout the documentary. And we see how it does matter. -Juan Carlos Ampié, La Prensa (Nicaragua)

Nací con la Revolución Sandinista (1979-1989) y crecí bajo el miedo y la fascinación por la guerra y el poder militar de EEUU. Mis padres, Carlos e Ivette, se conocieron durante la lucha anti-somocista. Junto a ellos, viví el surgimiento y la caída del sueño revolucionario, del cual nunca más volvimos a hablar. Ahora, 36 años después, emprendo mi búsqueda de ese pasado en un caleidoscopio de recuerdos que desafiarán el mito de la revolución, redimiendo el dolor del olvido. -Gloria Carrión Fonseca

Filmography: Heredera del viento (2017)

Gloria Carrión Fonseca was born in Nicaragua. She is a screenwriter and director and has written and directed a series of short documentary and fiction films that have been screened in national and international film festivals. She has a Masters Degree in Documentary Filmmaking from the Film School of Buenos Aires, Argentina; and a Msc. in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics. Heiress of the Wind (2017) is her first feature documentary.