Director/Writer: Joshi Espinosa Anguaya & Citlalli Andrango
Ecuador, 2018 | Kichwa and Spanish with English subtitles | 68 min 

Viewing available from August 27 – September 6


A young Runa couple faces an unexpected pregnancy that will make them question their identity and the world in which they will raise their child. For although Quito and Imbabura are not that far from each other in kilometres, the implications of the journey from one into the other carries great significance.

Joshi and Citlalli are not only the protagonists of Huahua, but they also led the project from behind the camera: they co-wrote the script and assumed the direction and production, respectively. This is their story, as they wanted it to be told.

Una joven pareja indígena enfrenta un sorpresivo embarazo, este hecho los hará cuestionarse sobre la identidad y el entorno donde criar al bebé que esperan.

Joshi Espinosa Anguaya (01/12/80) was born in Otavalo. He studied in INCINE (Escuela de Cine y Actuación) at Quito where he has also worked as a teacher. Creator of a scholarship programme for different communities in Ecuador to study in INCINE. He has participated in many projects in his country as an actor, filmmaker and in the photography department.


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