Josefa y Su Amorcito
Josefa and Her Sweetheart

Director: Sebastian Ortiz Wilkins
Canada | 2022 | Spanish with English subtitles | 6 min

View in-person at The Cinematheque: Sunday, Aug 28, 8:30 PM

(Precedes the screening of LA LLORONA)

Josefa y Su Amorcito tells the story of a beautiful and lonely Mexican woman who lives in a trailer somewhere in the streets of Canada. Finding herself far away from her culture, she finds happiness and love in simple pleasures accompanied by her loyal friend “Pepe” the cat.

Josefa y Su Amorcito cuenta la historia de una bella y solitaria mujer mexicana que vive en un Trailer en algún lugar de las calles de Canadá. Al encontrarse lejos de su cultura, conocemos cómo encuentra la felicidad y el amor en su vida simple y tierna acompañada de su fiel amigo “Pepe”, su gato.

Sebastian Ortiz Wilkins

Sebastian began acting in indie short films in his hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico and began writing and directing his own projects at the age of 15. He then moved to Vancouver, BC, and has since directed more than eight short films, one web series, and numerous music videos.

His surrealistic storylines have always attracted attention, garnering awards at the 2019 Mighty Asian Movie-Making Marathon and the 2019 Los Angeles Independent Short Film Festival, as well as being selected as a judge for the Berlin & Beyond Film Festival. In 2021, Sebastian was selected to be one of the directors for the “Crazy 8s” Film Festival for his film Cuello.

Sebastian continues his dreams of filmmaking while recently graduating with a degree in Business from BCIT in Vancouver.