Peru, 2018

Directors: Oscar Sánchez Saldaña & Robert Julca Motta
Quechua with English subtitles | 77 min
Indigenous Film From BC & Beyond

Saturday, August 31 | 3:15 PM | SFU Woodward’s
with VLAFF Membership


In the Peruvian Andes in the region of Huangáscar, four villagers assume the organization of a festivity to honour the town’s patron saint. The ritual, a blend of Indigenous and Catholic practices, is intended to heal the wounds caused by the disappearance of their relatives. If they can make the saint happy, they believe the saint will ease their mourning and take away their pain. Therefore, they do all they can to achieve the finest celebration: gathering flowers, weaving shawls, and rehearsing traditional music. In spite of all the vicissitudes they go through during the preparation, they finally succeed in carrying out the great festivity, which should conclude with the symbolic burial of all the missing relatives. An unexpected occurrence, however, makes them question their faith, and the power of the saint to help them.

En un pueblo en la región andina de Huangáscar, Perú, cuatro habitantes organizan una fiesta para celebrar al santo patrono de la localidad. El ritual, que mezcla prácticas indígenas y católicas, debe ser perfecto para satisfacer al santo y así garantizar que éste los libre del dolor que sienten por sus parientes desaparecidos. Los preparativos tienen sus complicaciones, pero finalmente consiguen realizar la celebración. Todo va bien hasta el último momento, en que un hecho inesperado los hace cuestionar su fe y el poder del santo para ayudarlos.

Mataindios is an intimately Andean film, honestly Andean, because our people who have lived with this pain for so many years, now, of their own volition are trying to release themselves from their mourning through the practice of their own rituals and beliefs… We, the Huangasquinos who participate in the film, are speaking for ourselves. – Oscar Sánchez Saldaña, interview with Alberto Venero Torres,

Best Peruvian Film, Ministry of Culture, Lima Film Festival, 2018
Best First Feature, Latin American Film Festival of Catalonia, 2019