Pavel Giroud: The Silly Age

September 13, 2023

The screening of Playing Lecuona has been cancelled and replaced with Pavel Giroud's award-winning 2006 feature film The Silly Age (La edad de la peseta).

From director Pavel Giroud comes a quirky yet fascinating coming-of-age film from Cuba. In 1950's Havana, in the moment before the Revolution, ten-year-old Samuel and his recently divorced mother arrive in town. They move into the home of his difficult and eccentric grandmother Violeta (Mercedes Sampietro). The Silly Age uses the melodrama genre to disclose family friction and fissures as Giroud cleverly evokes the lifestyle in an ironic view of apparent discord in Cuban society before Castro by focusing on a small dysfunctional middle-class family. This was the first Cuban film presented to the Oscars in the 12 years since Strawberries and Chocolate.

The Cinematheque
1131 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2L7

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