Director: Álvaro & Diego Sarmiento
Peru, 2019 | Quechua & Spanish with English subtitles | 74 min 

Viewing available ALL ACROSS CANADA from August 27 – September 6


Preceded by the short film The 6th World (Dir. Nanobah Becker)

MOTHERS OF THE LAND accompanies five women from the Andean highlands in their daily struggle to maintain a traditional and organic way of working the land.

In the Andean Cosmovision, women and earth are strongly interrelated. Both a women’s body and the earth’s soil are capable of giving and nurturing life. In the context of an ever-growing industrialization of agriculture, the use of chemical pesticides and genetically modified seeds it is women, who, connected to earth through bounds of sisterhood, take on the role of protectors.

Winner of the Alanis Obomsawin Best Documentary Award at the 2019 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival.

SEMBRADORAS DE VIDA acompaña a cinco mujeres de los Andes peruanos en su lucha diaria por mantener una forma tradicional y orgánica de trabajar la tierra.

En la cosmovisión andina, las mujeres y la tierra están fuertemente interrelacionadas. Tanto el cuerpo de la mujer como la tierra son capaces de dar vida.En un contexto actual de industrialización de la agricultura, el uso de pesticidas químicos y semillas genéticamente modificadas, son las mujeres quienes, conectadas a la tierra en sororidad, asumen el papel de protectoras.

Álvaro and Diego Sarmiento are two Quechua descendant, Peruvian filmmaker brothers. GREEN RIVER. THE TIME OF THE YAKURUNAS their debut feature premiered at the 67 Berlin Film Festival (Forum 2017) and the Museum of Modern Art’s Doc Fortnight in New York.

Diego directed several short films, two of which screened previously at the Berlinale: EARTH’S CHILDREN (Generation 2014) and SONIA’S DREAM (Culinary Cinema 2015).  
Alvaro is a visual artist and screenwriter recipient of the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Arts & Literary Arts Residency and the MacDowell Colony Fellowship.


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