VLAFF is proud to present the Vancouver premier of FAIT VIVIR, the fourth feature length film by Colombian director Óscar Ruiz. FAIT VIVIR follows the journey of the incredibly Montreal band Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra (GKO)

CLICK HERE: Available online from October 7th to the 21st.

FACEBOOK Live with Óscar Ruiz and the GKO band.
October 14th / 19:00 hrs

FAIT VIVIR, follows the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra’s (GKO) on tour for nearly six years, travelling from one end of Colombia to the other. It is narrated by Manuk Aukán, the son of protagonists Carmen Ruiz and Sebastian Mejia, the founding members of the collective. From his very first steps until he is six years old, we can see the child evolve in a world of dance, song and stage performance that will gradually become his second home.

“Dancing, singing and partying was once forbidden in a lost tropical town”

This is how the show MAKONDO begins. Makondo was created by GKO Orchestra, an original company of musicians, dancers, actors and circus artistes based in Montreal and coming from many different places around the world. FAIT VIVIR tells us the myth of this, out of the ordinary band, through the eyes of Manuk, a five-year-old boy. His imaginative and poetic perspective interlaces documentary material of the band touring through various villages and cities of Colombia, with the staging of the show. The fantasy of the narrator also allows us to know closely the daily life of the creators and the dream that feeds this adventurous project that propels movement and freedom.

Director: Oscar Ruiz Navia / Producers: Ana María Ruiz Navia, Carmen Ruiz Navia, Oscar Ruiz Navia / Colombia, Canada Production Company: Contravía Films (Colombia) Coproduction Companies: Telepacífico (Colombia), Productions Girovago (Canada) Distribution: DOC:CO

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