Multiple Directors

97 min

Wednesday, August 28 | 6:45 PM | Cinematheque

Curated by Kathleen Mullen and Maria Cecilia Saba

Dance, love, live, and make art! The body is the medium through which we connect with others and with the world. It is our most private possession, and the most contested. Most importantly, it allows us to feel life. From Peru to Costa Rica, the films in this program explore the possibilities of queer bodies in Latin America.

Director: Santiago León Cuellar
Colombia, 2018

Spanish with English subtitles, 17 min
Alma has just entered a new high school when her classmate Victor invites her to a party. The transition of her body and her hidden desires lead Alma to face her inner fears. With her headphones on, listening to a pounding soundtrack, Alma finds out what she really wants.

Directors: Irvin Castro & Nico Fernández
Argentina/Costa Rica/Chile, 2017

Spanish with English subtitles, 4 min
Music, love, dance. Who has not felt the need to go out with their friends at night? An ode to the victims of Pulse nightclub and the urge we all feel to go out and dance with our people.

Director: Sonja Ortiz
Peru/Germany, 2018

Quechua and Spanish with English subtitles, 23 min
The first LGBT-film from Cusco, Peru. Pleading guilty to having had an illegal abortion is the only way for Valya to reunite with her lover, Paz, who during Valya´s absence felt forced into a fake marriage to appease her ultraconservative family. In order to have a future, the women must delve into each other’s mythological past.

Directors: Manuel Kinzer & Jorge A. Trujillo Gil
Colombia/Germany, 2018

Spanish with English subtitles, 15 min
Seventeen-year-old Darío lives in Barranquilla, Colombia and loves to dance. Against his mother’s wishes, he secretly joins a carnival group. Will he find the courage to perform in front of his family?

Director: Héctor Silva Núñez
Venezuela/France, 2018

Wayuunaiki and Spanish with English subtitles, 18 min
Jairo is an Indigenous young man from Venezuela who was born with no nipples. Distanced from the customs of his people, he explores the city for a male ideal to belong to.

Director: Carla Villa Lobos
Brazil, 2018

Portuguese with English subtitles, 20 min
Being a lesbian living in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Jessica faces prejudice from her family and the streets. She seeks in spoken word and poetry a way of expressing herself, and finds a place where she can create community.