This section explores the wonderfully empowering, yet at times conflicting process of becoming our own (queer) self. Latin America is a tricky territory for LGBTQ2+ folks and revealing your true colours can be a revolutionary act. In the spirit of pride, these films celebrate the everyday heroes who find the courage to live freely, love and laugh.  

Curated by Kathleen Mullen and Maria Cecilia Saba 

Saturday, August 25th
5:15 PM | CIN
One screening only

Tarro / Kick the Can 

Director: Andrés Losada 
Colombia, 2017  
Spanish with English subtitles | 5 min 

Six teenagers play their own version of hide and seek. Two of them hide together. One has an idea. The other one has a secret. 


Director: Ayerim Villanueva 
Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Spain, 2017 
Spanish with English subtitles | 22 min 

Elena is a young woman who is questioning her sexuality. One day, she receives a visit from her childhood friend, Julia, who challenges her to change the course of her life. 

The Ballerina / Diamante, O Bailarina 

Director: Pedro Jorge 
Brazil, 2016 
Portuguese with English subtitles | 22 min 

Diamante believes he is a champion boxer but the coach wants to hold him back, or so he thinks. At night, he parties with his lesbian roommate and performs as a drag queen, wishing to fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee. 


Director: Roberto Fiesco 
Mexico, 2018 
Spanish with English subtitles | 6 min 

Two young co-workers at a construction site enter a photo booth. Both take advantage of a spare minute and the small space to smoke, talk and share an extraordinary moment. 

Disaster film / Filme-catástrofe 

Director: Gustavo Vinagre 
Brazil, 2017 
Portuguese with English subtitles | 19 min 

A trans woman and her butch handy person help each other through a very stormy day.  


Director: Reynier Cepero 
Cuba, 2017 
Spanish with English subtitles | 20 min 

In a small dorm room, Ana, Paco and David share beds and stories, but who is attracted to whom is a bit confusing for all.