Camino a La Paz
Argentina, 2015
Spanish with English subtitles/ 90′
Director/Writer: Francisco Varone

Sun, Aug-28
4 PM | The Cinematheque

Tues, Aug-30
9:15 PM | The Cinematheque

Thur, Sept-8
4:30 PM | Douglas College, Lecture Theatre 2201
(Free Admission)


Sebastián (Rodrigo de la Serna) is a young man whose passions in life are his favourite rock band, Vox Dei, and his vintage Peugeot 505. Recently married to Jazmín and in need of money, he begins to work as a car-service chauffeur. Among his regular passengers is Jalil, an elderly and very devout Muslim, who one morning makes a curious proposal: he will pay Sebastián a healthy sum to drive him from Buenos Aires to La Paz, Bolivia, a journey of 2,650 km. Reluctantly and full of doubt, Sebastián agrees to take the trip, which Jalil has planned out in detail. And in the tradition of all great road movies, the characters’ inner journeys are as fascinating and unpredictable as the outward one.

“The script is elegant in the way it maneuvers these two very different characters into juxtaposition, recognizing that both are dreamers, in search of some reward beyond the everyday.” Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter

Sebastián (Rodrigo de la Serna) es un joven cuyas mayores pasiones son la banda de rock Vox Dei y su viejo Peugeot 505 SR. Recién casado con Jazmín y necesitado de dinero comienza a trabajar como conductor de taxis. Entre los pasajeros está Jalil, un anciano musulmán que lo llama asiduamente y una mañana le hace una curiosa propuesta: le pagará una importante suma de dinero para que lo lleve en auto desde Buenos Aires hasta La Paz, en Bolivia. A desgano y con muchas dudas, Sebastián acepta el viaje, planeado al detalle por el anciano.

Producers: Gema Juárez, Francisco Varone
Cinematographer: Christian Cottet
Editors: Alberto Ponce, Federico Peretti
Music: Vox Dei
Principal cast: Rodrigo De la Serna, Ernesto Suárez

Francisco Varone (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1978) graduated in 1999 from the Universidad del Cine. He started his career in advertising and won a Clio Award. He currently teaches at ENERC, Argentina’s National School of Cinematography and Visual Arts. Road to La Paz won the Special Jury Award at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.