Santuario: A Punk Portrait of Paty Aguirre

A film written and created by: Christian Sida & Anne-Mary Mullen
Canada, Mexico | 2021 | Spanish with English subtitles | 90 min

VIEW IN-PERSON The Cinematheque. Sat, Sept 3, 6.45 pm

Reception with live music in the courtyard after the screening. Everyone welcome!

NOTE: If you attended Paty Aguirre’s exhibit at the Roundel Café on June 8, 2019, your name will be on a list at the door for a free ticket.

Paty Aguirre paints for a living and lives to paint. But she also lives for parties, for love, and for friendship. Immersed in a male-dominated art world, Paty is deeply connected to her hometown of Durango in the north of Mexico, a city that in many ways is frustratingly behind the times, but in other ways is inspiring and familiar. Paty grew up in a working-class family in one of Durango’s older neighbourhoods, located just across the street from the vibrant sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe, to whom her family, and especially her father, hold a deep devotion. Having grown up in this neighbourhood and having pursued a profession in art very different from what her family expected of her, Paty receives an invitation to exhibit her work in Vancouver, BC, Canada, which will mark her first trip ever outside of Mexico.

Starting during the extravagant festivities of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Santuario: A Punk Portrait of Paty Aguirre takes us into the vibrant, reckless, and unruly world of Paty Aguirre whose influences range from Frida Kahlo to Goya to 1970s horror films. This playful and scrappy DIY film celebrates an extraordinarily beautiful and defiant character who holds her own in all kinds of surprising ways.

Una película cálida y con mucha onda -Andrés Duprat

”A raucous, mezcal-fuelled “docuficción” look at a maverick artist” Janet Smith, Stir Magazine

Paty Aguirre, una reconocida y querida artista plástica en Durango, México, es invitada a exponer en Vancouver, Canadá, haciendo de este su primer viaje y exposición fuera de su país. Iniciando durante las extravagantes festividades a la Virgen de Guadalupe, en el norte mexicano, SANTUARIO, EL VIAJE PERROTE DE PATY AGUIRRE es un trabajo lúdico y sabroso, con un personaje extraordinariamente bello y revoltoso.

Christian Sida Valenzuela is an independent film programmer and the Artistic Director of the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival in Vancouver, Canada. He is also the founder and organizer of the Festival de Nuevo Cine Mexicano en Durango, Mexico. Co-created with Anne-Mary Mullen (independent film programmer based in Vancouver) and their dog Zarco, Santuario: El viaje perrote de Paty Aguirre is their first venture into filmmaking.