BEST BOY Reflectorista Argentina | 2015 Spanish with English subtitles 11 min

Director: David Nazareno

Alejandro García is a "Best Boy Electric" with over 25 years of experience in filmmaking in Argentina. He reflects on his profession while he tells us stories and calls into question the shortcomings of the industry.


FIRE-WATER It Yagutp Argentina | 2015 Spanish with English subtitles 16 min

Director: Tomás Faiman

A story of two brothers who wander aimlessly through life. Both come to a deserted house in a barren field, still standing after years of neglect. Inside they will confront their deepest longings for an unattainable past.


SO AS NOT TO FORGET Para não esquecer Brazil | 2016 Portuguese with English subtitles 9 min

Director: Rafael de Almeida

All the photos, never printed, were lost due to a damaged memory card. What a funny name for such a card. I can remember those lost images more than most of the photos I took during that time.


COMING BACK Volver Colombia / 2015 Spanish with English subtitles 15 min

Director: Iván Luna

Rosa is a 55-year-old woman who returns home after six years of exile from the violence. Despite the warnings from her acquaintances and the memories that this situation will bring up, she will be ready to forgive and to continue on with her life.


AMPHIBIAN Anfibio Venezuela | 2015 Spanish with English subtitles 15 min

Director: Héctor Silva Núñez

Jesús lives with his father on the shore of a large lake. José, his older brother, has returned home carrying with him a criminal past. The trail of an invisible yet quotidian and customary violence transforms their family dynamic.


MILA Mexico | 2016 Spanish with English subtitles 17 min

Director: Óscar Enríquez

While the horses neigh in the fields, a woman gets involved with an organized crime syndicate in order to get the father of her children back home.


FANTASTIC Fantástico Argentina | 2016 Spanish with English subtitles 7 min

Director: Tomas Sposato

A young woman has her study afternoon interrupted when a fellow tries to woo her with an elaborate story about time travel.


BULLETPROOF A prueba de balas Mexico | 2016 Spanish with English subtitles 6 min

Director: Hector Bustamante

Amidst the struggles of war, a brave boy who lost everything decides to confront death, who grants him one last wish before leaving the land of the living.