FRANK THE INDOMITABLE Frank el Indomable Mexico | 2016 Spanish with English subtitles 16 min

Director: Andrés Eichelmann Kaiser

During the 60s, Federico Vega Leal arrived at Churubusco Studios in Mexico City to become the stuntman for one of the icons of the “Chili Western”: Gastón Santos.


DAY OF ASHES Día de la ceniza Ecuador | 2015 Spanish with English subtitles 18 min

Director: Daniel Romero

Quito, 1999. Since the Pichincha Volcano covered the city with ashes, Renato struggles with situations that warn him that his world is falling apart: his best friend won’t hang out with him anymore, his older sister has changed, and his parents are absent.


ATOTÔ Brazil | 2015 Portuguese with English subtitles 16 min

Director: Bruno Laet

Wladimir is the son of Valdemar, a modest gravedigger. The father initiates his son into the strange craft, a family tradition, to dig his own grave. In fulfilling that spiritual value, the time spent between parent and child softens the sadness of death.


SEEING YOU AGAIN Volverte a ver Mexico | 2015 Spanish with English subtitles 8 min

Director: Abraham Escobedo Salas

A woman in search of her missing brother.


NORMAL Venezuela | 2015 Spanish with English subtitles 17 min

Director: Vadim Lasca Orsini

Fabricio, a Chavista young man, is stuck at home during the 2014 rioting in Venezuela. Alejandra, his ex-girlfriend, who supports the opposition and is participating in the street riot, is pursued by the National Guard, and unexpectedly arrives at Fabricio’s house.


NEW MOON Lua nova Brazil | 2015 Portuguese with English subtitles 13 min

Director: Andréa Prado

A mother and daughter, sharing moments of precious intimacy, gaze up at the stars on a deserted beach. But soon the arrival of adolescence will generate confusing feelings of loss and fear, and they will need to come to terms with the disruption brought on by this new phase of life.


ABSENT Ausente Chile | 2015 Spanish with English subtitles 15 min

Director: Joaquín Baus

Carlos joins Renata at the beach to help her to clean out her father's apartment, who recently passed away. On this trip, both will think and talk about the acceptance of death, and that will encourage Carlos to tell his friend the true reason behind the end of his relationship.