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Canada/Chile, 2015
Spanish with English subtitles/ 80′
Director/Writer: Ingrid Veninger

Fri-Sept, 2
7 PM | The Cinematheque

A slow-burning odyssey about love and loss featuring newcomer Pedro Fontaine in the title role of Elias, a young man who travels from the northern Atacama desert to the southern Patagonian edge of Chile on a cathartic journey of the spirit, and to fulfill the wish of his mysteriously deceased lover. Every screening of He Hated Pigeons is presented with a uniquely improvised, ever-changing live score. Linked with the uncertainty of the protagonist’s journey, the audience is part of something which has its own intrinsic impermanence. Never again will the film be seen with the combination of elements presented at the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival.

“This film is a remarkable experience not soon forgotten.” Jason Gorber, Twitch Film

Esta road movie, filmada en Chile, sigue el viaje de un joven desde el norte del desierto de Atacama hasta el sur de la Patagonia, viaje mediante el cual, deberá de cumplir una promesa.

La proyección de la cinta será acompañada por música en vivo, y será la única oportunidad en Vancouver para poder verla de esta manera.




Producer: Ingrid Veninger
Cinematographer: Dylan Macleod
Editor: Maureen Grant
Animator: Marcos Sorensen
Cast: Leonardo Fini, Pedro Fontaine, Cristobal Tapia Montt, Vanessa Ramos, Ingrid Veninger

Ingrid Veninger (Bratislava, Slovakia, 1968) is a producer, director and actor based in Toronto, with numerous award-winning credits to her name. In 1991, she produced the Gemini-nominated performance-documentary Standards with Jeremy Podeswa, featuring Sarah McLachlan, Holly Cole and Molly Johnson. She formed pUNK Films in 2003 with a ‘nothing is impossible’ manifesto. Since 2008, Ingrid has written/produced/directed five features: Only, Modra, i am a good person/i am a bad person, The Animal Project and He Hated Pigeons, all of which have garnered awards and distribution worldwide.

Morning Show is an alternative rock collaborative project led by Ethan Caleb and Ryan Stephenson. Their debut EP “Prom Theme,” released in 2015, is a summary of the initial excitement, adventurism, and collective exhale that can come with new beginnings. Recently they’ve ventured outside of a typical rock band’s comfort zone in collaborating with filmmaker Ingrid Veninger on her film He Hated Pigeons, performing an all-original live score to accompany the movie.

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