Saturday, August 24 | 6:45 PM | The Cinematheque courtyard
Program running time: 20 min
Free Admission

Pop-Up Dance Performance presented in partnership with New Works, part of the Movimientos program.

Montreal, Quebec 

Danza Descalza brings us a pop-up performance of AKO that invites audiences to enter a mesmerizing, warm and colourful universe. Designed for public spaces, the work features three characters who speak through their movements, resilience and femininity. AKO brings forward a unique aesthetic approach that combines the expressiveness and rhythms of traditional Afro-Colombian dance through contemporary writing while connecting with audiences through an “outside-the-walls” approach. 

AKO is a production that is both approachable and unique, and part of a growing movement to make dance more democratic and accessible. 

Danza Descalza is on tour in BC and will be part of New Works “All Over the Map Series” on Sunday, August 25th at 1:00 and 3:00 PM on Granville Island. They will also present two dance workshops on August 26th at The Roundhouse. For more details, visit newworks.ca/events.

ABOUT NEW WORKS New Works is a Vancouver-based non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, advancement and management of dance and its related art forms. Founded in 1998, New Works is an innovative platform for developing communities through art engagement; by supporting artists and cultivating audiences, and by providing and supporting diverse and inclusive performance experiences.