Director: David David
Colombia, 2020 | Wayuunaiki & Spanish with English subtitles | 90 min | Rated PG

Live stream Q&A with David David: Friday, Sept 4 at 12 noon on VLAFF’s Facebook LIVE

View IN-PERSON at The Cinematheque: Thursday, Sept 3, 7:00pm

ONLINE viewing available (across Canada): August 27 – September 6

Online screening will be preceded by the short film The Most Unprotected Girl  
(Dir. Jerilynn Webster)

Amid a political crisis on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, Diana Ipuana, a young pregnant Wayuu woman, her husband, and brother make a living robbing travellers who cross the border along the backroads. After tragedy strikes, Diana has no choice but to fend for herself as she gets lost in a series of mysterious dreams. Shot with natural light and on minimal locations, David David’s feature debut suggests the border is more than a physical space: it is also metaphysical.

“A film so current in this contingency as it is timeless in its questioning of the human. “La Frontera” is the feature film debut by Barranquilla director David David, a minimalist film that proposes a story of otherness, empathy and resilience set in the Colombian Guajira.” – LatAm cinema

En medio de una crisis política en la frontera entre Colombia y Venezuela, Diana, una joven wayuu embarazada, su esposo y el hermano de Diana se ganan la vida robando a aquellos viajeros que la cruzan ilegalmente. Durante un fallido intento de robo, Diana no tiene más remedio que valerse por sí misma mientras se pierde en una serie de sueños misteriosos. Rodada con luz natural y en un mínimo número de locaciones, la frontera no es más que un espacio físico en el primer largometraje de David David: también es metafísico.

David David (@david2celedon) is a storyteller, writer, director and producer from Barranquilla, Colombia. He holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the National University (Bogota) and in Directing and Editing from the ESCAC (Barcelona). The Border, his first feature film, was selected for five Work-In-Progress grants, including SANFIC/Chile, Orquídea/Ecuador, FDC/Colombia, Ventana Sur/Argentina, and MAFIZ-Málaga/Spain. David attended VLAFF in 2018 with his short film Calaguala.




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