THE LEFT PATH – El camino de la izquierda

Mexico | 9.5 min 
Director: Paola Chavira

A woman. An Indigenous woman. An Indigenous woman with a disability. It’s difficult to imagine a more challenging situation for someone living in modern-day Mexico. The story of a teenager limited by her circumstances is also the story of her family: her mother and little sister.


“With this backdrop in mind, there could not be a more contradictory image than that of a pair of tennis shoes that appears one day in the middle of a barren piece of land. But as it turns out, these very same tennis shoes will actually kick off the plot of this short film. The tennis shoes find a second life on the feet of our protagonist, and despite all the challenges they encounter together, both keep moving.” -Shamir Nazer


Wednesday, August 29th 
6:30pm @Vancity Theatre
Friday, August 31st
9:30pm @  The Cinematheque