They Don’t Come in Peace
Eles Não Vêm em Paz

Director: Pedro Oranges, Victor Silva
Brazil | 2021 | Portuguese With English Subtitles | 4:07 min

*Geo-blocked for viewing in Canada only.

As two brothers watch a news cast about extra terrestrial beings, the older brother uses the opportunity to make an analogy about their world being invaded by unwelcome visitors.

No meio dos irmãos assistindo a uma notícia sobre seres extraterrestres, o irmão prefeito aproveita para fazer uma analogia sobre seu mundo ser invadido por visitantes indesejados.

Pedro Oranges, Victor Silva

Pedro and Victor are independent directors and director of photography from São Paulo, Brazil. With different backgrounds both met in different projects and got together to collaborate in their newest film “They Don’t Come In Peace”, which they wrote and directed together.