Tiempo suspendido
Mexico/Argentina, 2015
Spanish with English subtitles/ 65′
Director/Writer: Natalia Bruschtein

5 PM | The Cinematheque

An extraordinary film about memory, and specifically the fading memory of an 86-year-old political activist who has fought tirelessly against historical amnesia and for justice in Argentina. The director’s grandmother, Laura Bonaparte, was one of the founders of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, formed during the 1970s by women whose children and family members had been disappeared by the Videla military dictatorship. Laura herself lost three children and their partners, including the director’s parents. Today, after a lifetime battling that the disappeared never be forgotten, Laura faces her own struggle to remember.

“…[the film] also serves as a powerful reminder of the power of documentary to serve for when our human memories and the minds which store them, have failed and when events which must never be repeated are in danger of being forgotten.” Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter

Tiempo Suspendido habla de la memoria, la de una mujer que después de luchar incansablemente contra el olvido en pro de la memoria histórica y por la justicia de los crímenes de Estado en Argentina, hoy la pierde en la necesidad de poder desprenderse  del dolor y despedirse de la vida sin sentir que traiciona  a la familia que perdió.

Producers: Abril Schmucler, Henner Hofmann, Karla Bukantz
Cinematographer: Mariana Ochoa
Editors: Valentina Leduc, Natalia Bruschtein
Composer: Alejandro Castaños
Cast: Laura Bonaparte, Natalia Bruschtein

Natalia Bruschtein (Buenos Aires, Argentina 1975) studied at the CCC in Mexico City, specializing in documentary film direction. Her thesis film Finding Victor (2006) was nominated for an Ariel Award for Best Short Documentary. She has collaborated on projects such as In the Pit by Juan Carlos Rulfo, winner of an Ariel Award for Best Sound, and Cobrador: In God We Trust (2006) by Paul Leduc, winner of a Coral Award for Best Editing at the Havana Film Festival.


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