Wild Symphony
Sinfonía salvaje

Director: Diego Samper
Colombia | 2022 | Instrumental music mixed with sounds of nature and human languages | 45 min

Artist Talk with Diego Samper in attendance

Thur, Sept 29, 6:30 PM

The Wild Symphony is an exploration of sound as basic, essential energy, and of the archaic origins of music as invocation and spell. An invitation to listen to the living forest and to remember that we are still connected to the Wild, that we are part of that unique living being that covers our planet like a pulsating skin.

There is no way to describe the miraculous experience it is to view Wild Symphony. It transports you to a place beyond words, to a place of essential being. Just watch and listen. – VLAFF

The Wild Symphony es una exploración del sonido como energía básica y esencial, y de los orígenes arcaicos de la música como invocación y hechizo. Una invitación a escuchar el bosque vivo y recordar que seguimos conectados con lo Salvaje, que somos parte de ese ser vivo único que cubre nuestro planeta como una piel palpitante.

Diego Samper
Colombian-born Diego Samper, with a background in biology and anthropology is an artist and designer whose work turns around the poetics of nature. His life-long interest in natural history and tribal cultures are reflected in all of his work. He has extensively explored photography and filmmaking, field recording and sound installations, painting and drawing, one-of-a-kind books, sculptural installations, and architectonic design. His animated films are the confluence of all these media. VLAFF presented his sound art film, Panopticon, in 2010.

With his wife Marlene, Diego established the Calanoa Project in the Colombian Amazon in 2009, a proposal of cultural and biological conservation of the tropical rainforest that integrates art, innovative design, architecture, education and community development. They live and work in Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada, and in Calanoa, Colombian Amazon.