Y (water in Guaraní)
Y (agua en Guaraní)

Director: Cris Arana
Paraguay | 2021 | Guaraní and Spanish with English subtitles | 12:22 min

*Geo-blocked for viewing in Canada only.

Basilio has become accustomed to the lack of water, to the abuse of authority, to the suffering and loneliness that corruption generates. He is trapped, like many others to the system that reigns where he lives.

Basilio se ha acostumbrado a la falta de agua, al abuso de autoridad, al sufrimiento y la soledad que genera la corrupción. Está atrapado, como muchos otros, en el sistema que reina donde vive.

Cris Arana

Cris Arana studied analog photography, cinematographic photography, dramatic art and screenwriting at the Factoría del guion in Madrid.
Over time she created her own production company, Givaina Producciones, where she has made several projects especially for Contemporary Art artists.
Between 2018 and 2019 she wrote and directed three short films:
– Package (5 nominations at LA JOLLA INTERNATIONAL FASHION FILM FESTIVAL 2019, Best Creative Concept Award 2019 )
– Workingay ( The short film that vindicates LGTBI welfare, premiered at FITUR 2019, Official Selection at the III Muestra de Video Arte Faenz 2020, Bogotá, Colombia).
– Transición (2019) Tribute on International Women s Day (Premiere at Sala Equis in Madrid. Selected in more than ten festivals and award for best actress for its protagonist MARÍA BARRANCO).
Due to Covid 19 she worked on the documentary #confinamientofilm with the co-production of the digital newspaper The Objective. Release date to be defined.