Directors: Marco A. Castillo & Carlos Lechuga
Cuba, 2019
No dialogue | 5:50 min 

Screens online with The Rabbits House.

Carlos Lechuga is the writer and director of  SANTA Y ANDRÉS, MELAZA, and LOS BAÑISTAS, which have all screened at VLAFF in different editions. SANTA Y ANDRÉS (VLAFF Closing Film 2017), was banned from screening in Cuba by the Cuban Film Institute.

Marco A. Castillo is a visual artist and one of the founding members of a collective named Los Carpinteros, founded in 1992 in Havana, Cuba. The group was created as an objection to individual authorship and to engage with a practice that marries architectural forms, design and art. 

GENERACIÓN premiered in 2019 at the art biennale in Havana. The film also screened at the Havana Film Festival. 

Set in the 1970s, the dialogue-free Generation centres on a group of Cuba’s jeunesse dorée at a large multi-level house perched, ominously, on a precipice. The camera observes the sepia-hued action with a detached irony, as the young people mix and mingle before proceeding to the rooftop… The death of a generation in just under six minutes, set to a rousing bolero. – Jonathan Ali, Caribbean Beat, Q&A with Carlos Lechuga