Director: Valeria Selinger
Argentina, 2020 | Spanish with English subtitles | 94 min | Rated PG

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ONLINE viewing available (across Canada): August 27 – September 6

Preceded online by the short film Generation 
(Dir. Marco A. Castillo & Carlos Lechuga)

Buenos Aires, 1975. Laura is only seven years old, but she knows that to survive you have to keep quiet. She shares her days with her mother and the other leftist resistance fighters in a house where the clandestine printing of the Evita Montonera journal is hidden. Based on the book Manèges, petite histoire Argentine by Laura Alcoba.

A story that intelligently plays with the audience… without showing too much, you can feel the underlying violence in the atmosphere, which offers you an arresting contrast between a gigantic political conflict and a mind as innocent as that of its young protagonist. José Luis Cano

Laura tiene solo ocho años, pero sabe que para sobrevivir hay que guardar silencio. Ella comparte sus días con su madre y los otros activistas en una casa donde se oculta la imprenta clandestina de Evita Montonera. Basada en el libro de Laura Alcoba, Manèges, y dirigida por Valeria Selinger.

Valeria Selinger is a documentary director; The Rabbits’ House is her first incursion into fiction features. She was the screenwriter for the documentaries Los Secretos and Escribir Diálogos, among others, and the director of Foliesophies. She teaches screenwriting, directing and film critique in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, París, and on virtual platforms.



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