Mate-me Por favor

Brazil, 2015  |  101  min
Portuguese with English subtitles
Director: Anita Rocha da Silveira

Saturday, Aug 26 
9:30 PM | The Cinematheque
Friday, Sep 1
9:15PM | The Cinematheque

Preceded by the short film Close-Up

A series of mysterious, gruesome murders in Barra da Tijuca, a neighbourhood of concrete towers in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, grabs the attention of a group of teenage girls who are curious about the murders and the victims identities. Among the group is 15-year-old Bia, who becomes obsessed with the victims, as they appear to resemble her physically. A mixture of a teen horror flick and a poignant coming-of-age drama, Kill Me Please delves into a young woman’s struggle to understand her own sexual impulses and need for independence against the backdrop of an ever-lurking threat of violence.

“Anita Rocha da Silveira’s arresting debut feature is a fever dream of adolescent sexuality with a retro giallo flavor.” Dennis Harvey, Variety

Barra da Tijuca, Zona Oeste do Rio de Janeiro. Uma onda de assassinatos invade o bairro. O que começa como uma curiosidade mórbida se apodera cada vez mais da vida dos jovens habitantes. Entre eles, Bia, uma garota de 15 anos. Após um encontro com a morte, ela fará de tudo para ter a certeza de que está viva.​



Producers: Vania Catani, Benjamin Domenech, Santiago Gallelli
Writer: Anita Rocha da Silveira
Cinematographer: Joao Atala
Editor: Marilia Moraes
Cast: Valentina Herszage, Dora Freind, Mariana Oliveira, Julia Roliz

Anita Rocha da Silveira (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) majored in Cinema at the University of Rio de Janeiro. She directed three short films: The Noon Vampire (2008), Handball (2010) and The Living Dead (2012), which was part of the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes. Kill Me Please, her feature debut, had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival.