75 Years of Latinx-Canadian Cinema is a program that showcases films made in Latin America or by Latin Americans in Canada from 1947 to 2021. It is part of the ongoing research conducted by Camilo Martín-Flórez, PhD, collection curator at the National Film Board of Canada. The goal of this research is to highlight the different phases that the production of NFB films has gone through in Latin America and to promote the arts and culture of an underrepresented Canadian community.

The program presented at VLAFF 2022 focuses on the 25-year career of Germán Gutiérrez and includes the screenings of four of his feature-length films. The program also highlights films by Marilú Mallet, Nadine Gómez, Tamara Segura, Thomas Farley, Carmen García, Anne-Mary Mullen, and Christian Sida.

Program 1 – Online

México Today (1947 | 10 min)

Man of America (1956 | 30 min) by Thomas Farley & Jacques Bobet

Background to Latin America (1963 | 58 min)

Program 2 – In Cinema

The Coca-Cola Case (2009) Dir. Germán Gutiérrez & Carmen García

Tuesday, Aug 30 at 6:30pm
The Cinematheque

Program 3 – Online

Who Shot My Brother? (2005) by Germán Gutierrez & Carmen García

Program 4 – Online

Five Centuries Later (1991) & Societies Under the Influence (1998) by Germán Gutiérrez

Program 5 – Online

As Night Descends (2020 | 10 min) by Nadine Gómez

Song for Cuba (2014 | 7 min) by Tamara Segura

La cueca sola (2003 | 52 min) by Marilú Mallet

Program 6 – In Cinema

Santuario: A Punk Portrait of Paty Aguirre (2021) by Christian Sida & Anne-Mary Mullen

Saturday, Sept 3 at 6:45pm
The Cinematheque

With thanks for the generous support from the National Film Board of Canada